Why Us


Our Strengths


Independence from financial institutions and product providers;

Network of international specialists, investment and private bankers, asset managers, lawyers, tax advisors, trustees, accounting and audit firms, real estate brokers, art and antiques specialists, etc;

Expertise in private wealth management supported by 80 years of combined experience in private and investment banking at leading international financial institution.

Swiss roots – Switzerland is distinguished for its private wealth management heritage, high degree of discretion, political stability, economic prosperity, cultural accuracy, punctuality and reliability.

Ability to analyse and synthesise complex financial situations. Ability to simplify complexity.

Discretion in dealing with family affairs; confidentiality and privacy.

Clients' Testimonials

Why Florian & partners?

Because Jana made me look at my money from a different angle.

I was lucky to get to know Jana and her team at the moment when I needed to restructure my business participations. She helped me to ask the right questions and find the appropriate answers. Today, we are implementing what was agreed. Not only it works well but also I feel much less stressed.

I am grateful that Jana discouraged me from investing in a fund that turned out to be a massive Ponzi scheme.

What I really appreciate is that apart from managing my portfolio, Jana and her team work as volunteers for my family charitable foundation.

Our Story

Jana Florian’s Testimonial

My passion for understanding the very essence of matter dates back to my teenage years. I remember drawing a table of elementary particles, putting it above my bed and hoping that one day I would understand this complex universe. I ended up studying physics and thanks to the scientific background, it is natural for me to analyse and synthesise various financial situations of my clients.

Why did I switch from science to finance? Because I care for people, and science does not provide sufficient space for social interaction. I enjoy listening to people and investing time and energy into relationships I care for. And this kind of investment has rewarded me with wonderful long-lasting friendships and client relationships. I enjoy what I do, and it is important to me that my clients enjoy working with me.