What We Do

Making you richer

Listening to your needs, we provide comprehensive and  independent financial management reflecting your family legal, fiscal, business and personal requirements. In addition to our own expertise, we bring in first-class professionals, bankers, lawyers, fiduciaries and accountants who help us complete our tailor-made solutions.

Wealth Structuring

Long-Term Vision

Passing your wealth to the next generation in an efficient and well-structured way is one of our  key competences. We help with:

  • Creating family asset structures, personal asset holding companies, operating companies and financial holdings in various jurisdictions.
  • Setting up and management of Swiss operating and holding companies.
  • Preparing business plans for private business ventures.
  • Setting up and management of family foundations.
  • Inheritance planning.
  • Retirement planning.

Asset Management

& Value

With the objective of preserving and appreciating family capital, we manage the investment process and create the greatest possible value for the given level of risk. We are in charge of:

  • Identifying family’s long-term financial objectives, cash flow requirements and risk tolerance.
  • Defining strategic asset allocation.
  • Regular consolidation and monitoring of the asset allocation, and rebalancing tactical changes.
  • Selection and supervision of investment managers for individual asset classes, regular analysis of their performance against peers, indexes and benchmarks.
  • Managing relationships with banks, negotiating fees and financing, transactions supervision.

Lifestyle Services

Quality of Life

Striving to enrich family members’ lifestyles and support them in their philanthropic projects, we assist in:

  • Art and antiques advisory and insurance.
  • Wine and vintage cars collections.
  • Yacht and private jet financing, registration and administration.
  • International education and preparing the next generation to take over the family business.
  • Exclusive health and medical care services.
  • Charitable activities and philanthropy.

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.

Sir Winston Churchill