For Whom

For individuals and families looking for wealth solutions

We work for wealthy families whose financial portfolios, business participations and properties are spread all over the world. Our clients are families of the first generation as well as families benefiting from a significant inheritance from previous generations.

Wealth Creators


Recognising that less than half of wealth transitions is successful, we work with our clients to design and implement the most efficient wealth transfer architecture in order to reflect the desires of the founder and the financial needs of the descendants. 

We ensure that family wealth is protected and growing before it comes into the hands of the next generation.

Wealth Inheritors


Inheriting a significant wealth may be a life-changing event. On the one hand, there is a commitment to the wishes of the founder. On the other hand, the client has his/her own vision about how the inherited wealth should evolve. It is important to harmonise these two points of view.

As Family Wealth Boutique, we help to integrate the wealth-giver’s financial wishes into the client’s own financial plan. We manage various segments of the family fortune and relieve the principals from day-to-day wealth management tasks.

Wealthy Ladies


Ladies hold nearly 30% of global wealth, yet they may be unfamiliar with the world of financial planning. Being the creator of her own success or becoming wealthy due to family circumstances, a woman may require a reliable and trusted party when it comes to managing her own financial affairs.

Through dialogue and understanding the specific characteristics of ladies’ wealth concerns, we help to find orientation in their financial affairs and design an efficient architecture to protect and grow their fortune.