Family Wealth Boutique.

Making you richer.
In every sense.

What we do

Helping wealthy families to protect and grow their wealth

Have you been confronted with some of the following concerns?

Is your wealth too scattered and do you need to put it into order? Has it become too complicated over time, with too many entities, businesses, real estate and banks?
Have you reached the point where you need to transfer your wealth to the next generation and establish a legacy for your children?
Do you feel that your money owns you instead of you owning your money? Are you searching for a balanced relationship between your money, your interests, and your family?
Are you concerned that your wealth may get significantly diluted by the unsuccessful marriages of your children?
Does your bank overcharge you? Do you need someone to negotiate fees for you?
Do you have too many financial advisors and no longer know which voice to listen to?
Do you feel uncomfortable negotiating financial affairs outside your home country because of the language barrier or your insufficient knowledge of the foreign environment?
Are your banks pushing you into their own investment products? Do you need an independent counsellor to take a critical look at bank offers?
Are you intrigued by an attractive high-yielding product but are unable to assess risk involved?
Do you need s counsellor to translate your family's financial needs and expectations into the financial language of bankers and trustees?
have you doubts about the discretion and confidentiality of your current advisors?
Are you looking for long-lasting relationship instead of transaction-based contacts?

Family Wealth Boutique puts its values and expertise at your disposal.
Trust, independence, professionalism and discretion.

For Whom

For individuals and families with wealth concerns


Whether you are a first-generation wealth creator or a wealth inheritor; successful business person, artist or sports champion; man or woman, junior or senior—your family wealth needs the care and attention of dedicated professionals.

Family Wealth Boutique helps to resolve particular wealth issues and establish a global long-term financial plan.

First-Generation Wealth Creators

Recognising a success rate of only 30% in wealth transitions, we work with our clients to design an efficient wealth transfer architecture that will reflect the desires of the founder and the financial needs of the descendants.

We ensure that family wealth is protected and growing before it comes into the hands of the next generation.

Wealth Inheritors

Inheriting a significant amount of wealth may be a life-changing event. On the one hand, you are committed to the wishes of the founder. On the other hand, you have your own vision about how your wealth should evolve.

As Family Wealth Boutique, we help to integrate the wealth-giver’s financial wishes into the client’s own financial plan.


Women hold nearly 30% of global wealth, yet they may be unfamiliar with the world of financial planning. Being the creator of her own success or becoming wealthy due to divorce or inheritance, a woman may require a reliable and trusted party when it comes to managing her own financial affairs.

How we work

Working together with Clients to Achieve their Goals


Every relationship starts with a dialogue, and understanding the family’s financial ambitions.

Putting things in order

Through our rigorous analytical approach, we help you to simplify and organise your fortune in order to make it more efficient and better performing.

Protecting your wealth

Together with you, we will design an efficient financial model to protect your wealth against market turbulences and make it grow according to your sensitivity to risk.

Making it grow

Using qualitative assessment and quantitative instruments of asset management, we set up an investment policy and regularly monitor both the investment performance and the corresponding risk.

Going beyond

We help you to go the extra mile that makes the difference and accompany you in establishing the family financial vision; your goals; recognising the individual strengths of your children and their talent for taking over your businesses and wealth.

Why Us

Because we care for people

We put our values at your disposal.

My passion for understanding the very essence of things dates back to my teenage years. It was important for me to comprehend what matter consisted of and what was happening below the surface of what we see. I remember drawing a table of elementary particles, putting it above my bed and hoping that one day I would understand this complex universe. I ended up by completing my studies in nuclear physics that was the best analytical training ever.

Thanks to this scientific background, it is natural for me to analyse and synthesise the financial issues of my clients.

— Jana H. Florian


Why did I switch from science to finance?

Because I care for people, and science does not provide sufficient space for social interaction. I like to make people happy through what I do. I enjoy listening to them, seeing them smiling, opening up and sharing their thoughts and concerns.

I think what people generally like in me is reliability, rigour and an analytical approach, together with the creativity and motivation to accomplish things. It is natural for me to invest time and energy in the relationships I care for. And this kind of investment has rewarded me with wonderful, long-lasting friendships and client relationships. Through work and my passion for physics, psychology and painting, I am surrounded by a universe of marvellous and inspiring people. I enjoy what I do, and it is important to me that my clients enjoy working with me.

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Our team

Making you richer. In every sense.

Jana H. Florian

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Robert Mocek

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Carina Huguenin

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